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Being present on the internet has become unavoidable, but where to start? CURZENN accompanies you from A to Z in your projects with turnkey solutions.

CURZENN has bridged the gap between technology companies and web agencies. We intersect these two axes to generate competitive solutions. More than 800 customers benefit from web solutions that we have set up.

Website creation


The showcase site is an Internet site intended to present your company. It is therefore a communication tool to enhance and promote your activities.

This is the online version of a promotional brochure that, in a few pages, describes your services and / or your products and encourages customers to contact you.

When creating the website, the pages are based on the branding that your company needs to reflect and the message you want to convey.

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  • Want to make changes easily yourself afterwards?
  • Do you want a nice, modern website?
  • Want to acquire new customers and increase your income?
  • Do you want your site to be recognized by Google and easily found by users?
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Ecommerce site development


An e-commerce site (also called: online sales site or online store) is a site that allows a company to sell its products or services on the internet. The user then buys real-time articles on the website, remotely, instead of going physically to make the purchase.

The principle is simple: a customer adds products to his basket, validates his basket and pays the amount to the merchant. Payment for products is made securely with a payment platform like Paypal. Also accept payments by bank transfer or check.

In addition, through the administration interface of your e-commerce site, you can see your orders, manage inventory and add or delete products.

Do you want to sell services or products on the Internet? We have the solution for you, contact us!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local SEO (SEO local)


Improving your position in search engines and your (organic) SEO with the right keywords and an effective tagging strategy. With the help of our natural SEO agency, you will get the answers to the following questions:

  • How to increase the visibility of my company on search engines?
  • How to position my website among the first results of my clients’ research?
  • How to get ahead of my competitors on search engines?
  • How to generate more qualified traffic on my website?
  • How to increase my conversions and guarantee a continuous and lasting business contribution?

Definition of local SEO

Local SEO is a set of practices and techniques to position a company based on the location of the user. It is essential for any company working in a specific geographical area.

Search engines therefore favor sites whose companies are located near Internet users: this increases the relevance of the search and the possibility that the user becomes a customer.

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Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing

By definition, social media marketing, is to pay for the distribution of targeted advertising content on various social networks. Requiring no minimum investment, the social media marketing allows advertisers to choose the scope of their promotion based on the budget used.

Social media can also find new customers.

Being present on social networks is also a way to attract new users who have an interest in your sector of activity. Creating a community and animating it properly also helps to find new customers.

Social media offers different types of advertising based on the goals of each company. Awareness, sales, or loyalty campaign; Social media advertising is designed to reinforce each pillar of your marketing. Depending on your market and your needs, our social media advertising agency helps you determine the most appropriate goal.

Some traditional advertising solutions are very expensive:

30-second television advertising: € 25,000

A full page in a French newspaper: 15 000 €

A highway advertising sign: 18 000 €

If social media advertising is so popular with small and medium-sized businesses, it is primarily because its costs are moderate and flexible (€ 1 is enough to start a campaign), and its targeting extremely accurate.

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Mobile Application

We develop successful apps! We have developed 115 + apps and acquired more than 20 million users

CURZENN specializes in the development of iPhone, Android and cross platform Apps. What makes us unique? Our ability to take charge of creating the idea at launch! We help you refine your idea, work on the concept, build the graphical interface and code the application.

Our team is expert in the process of creating apps. Our tips and techniques will help you quickly build a community of users.

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Hosting Servers

Starting from 5 €

Plus de 1500 entreprises nous font confiance

Powerful and flexible web hosting solutions, 100% hosted in the infrastructure.

  • Web Hosting
    Get unlimited and fast web hosting
  • Serveurs Cloud
    Prenez le contrôle avec nos serveurs virtuels rapides
  • Dedicated servers
    Boost your business with dedicated servers
  • WordPress hosting
    Offer the best to your site with WordPress hosting

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